Aluminium roofing, facade & Rainwater products

Aluminium Roofing

Aluminium is a good choice for any roof where steel roofing is being considered. Aluminium Roofing is light weight and has both strength and longevity.

Aluminium roof's are resistant to corrosion and rust and last a long time, it is often the preferred material in salt environments. Aluminium roofs can be covered with a special protection improving its resistance against fading and its durability.

Aluminium is lightweight so it reduces the weight on a buildings structure, also because of it's light weight it doesn't require any structural reinforcement.

If you're looking for a metal roof that doesn't look metal then aluminium roofing is what you're after.


Falzonal is a rolled aluminium that is pre-painted and designed to give you a fantastic roof.
The mechanical properties of the aluminium and the coating were developed for lock-welt standing seam roofing.

There are nearly 40 types of standard colours to choose from these include Metallics and Special Finishes.
The PVdF coating provides resistance to sea water, condensation and ultraviolet light.


FalZinc is a bendable aluminium with a preweathered zinc layer that has both the advantages of aluminium with the aesthetics of preweathered zinc.

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