Welcome to KD Roofing

KD Roofing are experts in roofing with 20 years’ experience covering Dublin and all areas of the country.

We are specialist in roofing domestic, commercial and also cover industrial roofing, throughout the years we have adapted to the challenges of the economy and added varied products to offer our customers the best range of roofing options to suit their needs.

We specialize in metal roofing using zinc, copper aluminium and lead roofing of which were members of FTMRC (Federation of Traditional Metal Roofing Contractors) of which vets its members to meet the highest standards are met for increased warranty’s for the roofs of the products we us.

We have a long history of Flat roofing with using PVC Membrane systems, Torch on Felt systems, EDPM Systems & also Liquid applied roofing systems.

We offer customers roof reports surveys on roofs and reccomdation on the repairs that are needed to remedy roofs.



FTMRC Member Contractors

We are proud to be memebers of the FTMC contractors.
Hiring a member of FTMRC means you are Insuring Peace of Mind and guaranteeing the success of your hard metal installation
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